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Turks and Caicos, Regent Palms, the girls are growing up so quickly!

This year has been great. We’ve had about a 50:50 split between shooting new families and returning ones.

It’s always fun to catchup and see how things have changed,but also stayed the same. I love that look in a kids eyes that says “I kinda remember you but I’m not sure”, then we start the shoot and they click into it, relax and its all fun.


Just last week Barbara had her four lovely girls down for a quick winter getaway at the Regent Palms.  Old enough to remember, they were soon jumping around (and on me!).

Here is a picture from our first shoot in Dec 2007 and then today..

Wasn’t planning on doing a shot here, but the light was just so nice…

A favorite from the day….;-)

A reward at the end of the shoot! So I kept on shooting even though technically “it was over”…