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A turks and caicos family vacation.

Turks and caicos family vacation

Brooks is like a lot of mums and is always behind the camera documenting all that her amazing family and kids do. So for this Turks and Caicos family vacation she put the camera down and let us capture some lovely moments with her family.

We did this for her a couple of years ago and stayed at the resort, so for this visit we ventured further afield and took in some fun locations around the island we know and love. Being mobile and moving around the island helps in many ways. We were able to avoid a local rain shower by driving a little further down the road. Multiple locations also keeps things “flowing”so the kids don’t get as “tight” about the pictures as they might do in one location and of course we can grab the odd rum punch or two as well which always helps !!  The drive also allows us to show off our home and I know that Brooks and Mike certainly planned to return to some of these fav spots later on in the week for themselves. Both Samantha and Walker were great to work with and they now know “the world’s worst joke”…;-)  (it always makes kids laugh!).

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