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Villa Renaissance family portrait

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We met the Paine family at the beautiful Villa Renaissance for a family portrait. The idea was to take some photos around the Villa Renaissance with its nice architecture and gardens. The last half hour of the shoot is reserved for the time just before sunset on Grace Bay Beach. The weather on the date of the shoot decided to change all. Since there was a lot of wind on the north side of Providenciales, the family photos were still taken at Villa Renaissance, but we decided to visit the south side of the island of Providenciales for a bit more calmness.

Sapodilla Bay is great for families. When a bit windy on the north side the south side is very sheltered from the elements. The water is very shallow and you can walk for miles in the water, still feeling the sand between your toes. Sapodilla Bay also has a bit of a rocky shore which is great as a backdrop for a family portrait. On the way back, the Paine family used the opportunity of being on the south side, to make a dinner stop after the family portait at Las Brisas. Funny play of the word Las Brisas since that day Las Brisas was not too breezy. Stop by at this restaurant for the best paella on the island. A great place to have lunch too while your kids play at the pool in front of the restaurant.

For more information about our family portraits please visit our website: We have family sessions from one hour to going around the island to different locations to  half a day on a luxury yacht. On the half day luxury yacht trip with your family we bring our underwater camera  for some great casual and fun in water photos.

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Villa Renaissance Family Portrait

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Villa Renaissance Family Portrait

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Sapodilla Bay Family Portrait

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Sapodilla Bay Family Portrait

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Sapodilla Bay Family Portrait

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Sapodilla Bay Family Portrait