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Grandkids and great grandkids – a villa vacation full of fun.

Turks and caicos 0045

We have the pleasure of helping families when they are at their most relaxed, surrounded by family and all whilst enjoying one of the most beautiful place in the Caribbean. A villa vacation is perfect for multigenerational families and we love the relaxed atmosphere and ability to go anywhere and use anything at the villa for the family shoot.  The Duffey family were staying at the very lovely Villa Mirabelle – which is a  favourite of ours with its location right on the sandy beach at Sapodilla Bay.

Our style of photography is very low key, candid, relaxed, natural and almost “letting things happen”. However with larger groups there is a need to “cover the bases” and get some important groups such as everyone, grandkids with the grandparents, grown up kids as well as individual families. All whilst keeping everything and everyone moving along and entertained (and before sunset!). Personally – I love it and find that families are surprised by how low key and fun it actually can be!  The Duffey family were great fun to be with and from Grandma to the little ones it was simply fun to hang out with them.

Villa vacation Villa vacation Villa vacation Turks and caicos_0033

Once we covered a few of the important groups we let the kids play around a little so we can get some more candid and natural pictures to balance out with the more formal groups.

Villa vacation Turks and caicos_0035 Turks and caicos_0036 Turks and caicos_0037 Turks and caicos_0038 Turks and caicos_0039 Turks and caicos_0040 Turks and caicos_0041 Turks and caicos_0042 Turks and caicos_0043 Turks and caicos_0044

One of my favourites..

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