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Welcome back to Turks and Caicos!

Turks and caicos

This year we have seen an increase in the number of families that have been returning to Turks and Caicos for family vacations. The Matejic family is one of the extra special ones as it’s been over 8 years since we last saw them in Turks and my does everyone look so different – all grown up!  We managed to catch up with them a couple of days ago and hang out with the kids (now big) and show them around our home. We found a couple of new areas to use as well as some favourites. great to catch up with everyone and hear what they have been doing over the years. Amazing to think where the time goes, but fabulous that we’ve been able to help them “freeze time” and capture these fleeting moments… Turks and caicos__0391 Turks and caicos__0392 Turks and caicos__0393 Turks and caicos Turks and caicos Turks and caicos__0396 Turks and caicos__0397 Turks and caicos__0398 Turks and caicos__0399 Turks and caicos__0400 Turks and caicos__0401 Turks and caicos__0402 Turks and caicos__0403 Turks and caicos__0404 Turks and caicos__0405 Turks and caicos__0406 Turks and caicos__0407 Turks and caicos Turks and caicos__0409 Turks and caicos__0410 Turks and caicosturks and caicos