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John Wright’s Birthday party at Blue Haven Resort

John Wright’s birthday party at Blue Haven Resort this year was another fun and fit get together again for everybody on island. We photographed his birthday last year at Ricky’s and this year it was an even bigger set up hosted by Blue Haven resort. A perfect location for a party. There were lots of games and prices to win and they all were related to health and being fit, well almost all of them. All the members of Wrightfully Fit were present to challenge anybody to participate in the games. There was a tug of war, tire tossing, push ups as well as a spicy chicken eating contest, a beer drinking contest and much more. The girls did pretty good this year, winning the push up competition, the tug of war against the guys and the spicy chicken eating contest. It did take four women to drag John himself through the sand, but they all knew, that was not an easy task. In the evening the party moved to Salt for some more dancing with dj Dayoh. Happy Birthday John and it is going to be very hard to top your party next year. Even NY Jets player Santonio Holmes came to Turks and Caicos to congratulate his friend John for this birthday.wrightfullyfitgymturksandcaicos007

                                    From all your gym members and friends….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0001WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0002WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0003WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0004WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0005WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0006WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0008WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0009WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0010                                                                                                                            One birthday boy downWrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0011                                                      Tory looks so handsome here, but you should have seen him yelling at us that same morning in boot camp 🙂WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0012


Love these pictures of two of my great friendsWrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0016WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0017WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0018WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0019WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0020WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0021WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0022WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0023WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0024                                                                      The chicken was prepared “extra spicy ” by the Jamaican Chef of Blue HavenWrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0025WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0026                                                                                                      The right way to do push ups was presented by ToryWrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0027WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0028WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0029WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0030WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0031Mr.Michaels…very impressiveWrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0032WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0033

Go Gabi and don’t argue with the judge!WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0034WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0035                                                               WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0036WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0037WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0038WrightfullyFitBlueHaven_0039                                                                                                                                  My boot camp buddies