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The office party pictures…do we dare post them?

We had a small and fairly impromptu gathering at the office last week. We just told people to swing by if they had time on Friday afternoon. There are so many different events going on right now on the island…dance recitals, fund raisers, Christmas plays, we didn’t want to conflict with anything that had been already planned. So a grill, some sausages, awesome homemade cookies, fabulous pastries from Caicos bakery, a little champagne, some wine…

We also setup a photo booth – the kind that we can bring along to bigger weddings that we do. The fun part is that it’s all DIY. The people in the picture have a remote so they take the picture and we have a screen they can see the picture they just took..

ALL these pictures were taken by the kids( 95%) or adults holding a drink in the other hand….!!!!

For those that still want more….here are 300 of them !!!