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Turks and Caicos, Why we are always learning…

We love to learn…it’s part of our DNA and one of the main reasons why we are one of the top five studios in the Caribbean is our continual investment in our team. These are the guys (and gals) who will be shooting your wedding or family portrait – so we take a lot of pride in making sure they have the best equipment and best training. It was amazing then to be able to have the legendary Joe Simon come down for a master class on storytelling and making short films.

Imagine having one of the top wedding story tellers in the USA for two days and its just three people learning from him…wow !!! This how things were last week as Preston, David and myself immersed ourselves into the details of how to shoot wedding films and stories in general with the new generation of  equipment available to DSLR shooters. Actually a big part of the time with Joe was not about equipment (though we did play with some cool toys) – really it was a new appreciation for story telling, how to choose the right shot, sequences of shots, music and audio and also a lot of hands on practical advice on getting really fantastic shots. Can you tell we are hyped !!!!!!!!!

In our opinion this is simple the best education you can get. Its a world class practitioner of the subject giving you one to one hands on experience in how to achieve the right results.

And better still – we can put it into action today!!

I managed to grab a  few pictures during the events – but it was hard – we were learning 24/7 !!

A really BIG thank you to Point Grace for helping with the use of a room as we work on “getting ready bridal shots” and of course the lovely Sara too as our model..

We did a huge range of things, but we did also hit the beach and look at camera placement, where to get the shots we want, sequences and other good stuff like audio on a windswept beach !