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underwater baby

Underwater 0025

With a passion for all things water related, it was important for us to get Saharah comfortable in the pool as soon as possible. It’s the first step along her journey to world surfing domination.

The earlier the introduction, the easier it is. Having spent 9 months surrounded by liquid, a reintroduction is surprisingly easy. It’s all about confidence and reassurance. Your baby will feed off whatever vibe you’re giving off. Being confident and reassuring is the cornerstone of any lesson. We used a technique of gently lowering Saharah into the water and blowing into her face before submerging her. This forced her to gasp in a breath of air as she was lowered below the surface.

Before too long, with a little help from her friend Elodie, she gained the confidence to jump unassisted into the pool.
Below are a few shots of her rather enjoying herself as an underwater baby.

Do you have a confident little swimmer? Perhaps we can photograph your little one in the same way?