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5th Annual Wrightfully Fit Charity Run/Walk

Gymturksandcaicos 0005

Last Sunday John Wright from Wrightfully Fit organized the 5th annual Wrightfully Fit Charity run/walk. Participants were getting up early this Sunday to be ready to start the run or walk at 6 am. All the proceeds of this event are going to the Provo Children’s Home here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Provo Roadrunners were there with an impressive team count and the event was open to all. We saw kids doing their first run ever, parents doing the miles with strollers and even a little girl on a scooter. Most people know about endorphines, the  feel good chemicals released by the brain. The best way to get them is actually exercise. A good work out will release these chemicals and makes you feel happy. This event was an absolute proof of these happy chemicals being present. Have a look at the images from the event and everybody is smiling arriving at the finish. After the run/walk there was a great dance performance by the Youth Center, Henry the Conch showed up and the pool was open. If you did not get your happy chemicals from the workout, you could get them from the mimosa’s and the lovely flavoured coffees of which all the proceeds were going to the Children’s Home as well. Many thanks to John Wright  from Wrightfully Fit Fitness Center and all the participating sponsors and volunteers to make this event happen and help the children at the Provo Children’s Home. For the final results of the run/walk:        I love this, the clock started and the winner of the 5k run German Marquez is still tying his shoes. Dr. Joe was there… just in case

Gymturksandcaicos_0003      Dr.Lise Cloutier was present from Courtyard Chiropractic & Wellness Center with lots of information, check out her workshops tooGymturksandcaicos_0004Gymturksandcaicos_0006Gymturksandcaicos_0007Gymturksandcaicos_0008Gymturksandcaicos_0009Gymturksandcaicos_0010Gymturksandcaicos_0011Gymturksandcaicos_0012Gymturksandcaicos_0013Gymturksandcaicos_0014               John Wright giving nutritional advice to the kids

Gymturksandcaicos_0015Gymturksandcaicos_0016Gymturksandcaicos_0017Gymturksandcaicos_0018              Wrightfully Fit Fitness Center has two locations on Provo, one in Turtle Cove and one in Saltmills PlazaGymturksandcaicos_0019Gymturksandcaicos_0021 Gymturksandcaicos_0022