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Castaway Picnic – perfect for your Parrot Cay Wedding

Nolie, the Hotel manager and I were chatting at a recent Parrot Cay wedding about a new service they are offering –  a  castaway picnic – Parrot Cay style. I always love it when I hear about new experiences and activities that hotels are thinking up. It’s so creative and fun ! But this is Parrot Cay,so I knew this wasn’t going to be a cooler with some sandwiches and a 6 pack…when you entertain movie stars and billionaires and have a whole private island to play with, its was going to be something special. Could I take some pictures…yes!

After a quick 35 min boat trip to the island and then a golf cart ride through the bush passing movie star villas we arrived at the beach. It had actually been raining during the buggy ride, but it was picture perfect once we hit the beach. As soon as I saw the location I knew this was perfect for a Parrot Cay wedding or family gathering. (edit) – we have indeed since the shoot helped a couple with a wedding right on this spot!.

It take a lot effort to get this right. Raking the beach is hard work at 11am on a sunny beach in 90F weather !

The final touches – trays for your drinks – its a picnic !!!

The canopy is fixed – they leave it up all the time as its old drift wood. But over the weeks its started to grow again, sprouting lovely little leaves and branches, making it feel like a living structure.

Looks like a perfect setup for a Parrot Cay wedding!

A few of the team that pulled it all together – Nyoman, Tia, Nolie, the Hotel manager and Sarba.

(there were probably 20-25 people in total to get this ready) but totally worth it!

Lunch arrived, banana leaves were put out – wow. Start off with an amazing location, create a great setting with the driftwood , tables and seats – now add on top an amazing lunch!

So if you are visiting Parrot Cay or thinking of a Parrot Cay wedding – this is a must do IMHO – Monday – snorkel, Tuesday spa, Wednesday Castaway picnic afternoon…the kids will love it!

If you have a special celebration such as a wedding or birthday bash, then this is just perfect.