Prices & Packages

Our goal is not to shoot hundreds of average pictures, slap them on a disk and wave bye, bye.

We’ll use all our experience of shooting Turks and Caicos to  make sure we get gorgeous pictures first off, then let’s collaborate to get the most out of your pictures. Do you have the time to edit 900 pictures down to your favourite 30? Having them all on a disk is nice and of course for Facebook, but then what? Our focus is to help you. Present to you gorgeous, wow, OMG pictures. We’ll have lots to choose from of course but our focus is on quality pictures that you will   L+O+V+E.

being nice….

The second part – being nice. We live here and you’ll be back as you either love Turks and Caicos as much already as we do or you soon will, so this isn’t a typical ”transaction” – we’ve helped clients as their kids have gone from three to thirteen Five, six, seven photo shoots as the years go by. We help with your holiday cards, your valentine’s day gift, mother’s day. We’ve helped more husbands with “last minute” gifts than you can imagine!

So if your life is busy and complicated enough already and you’d like a team of professionals who edit over 500,000 pictures every year and love Turks and Caicos – then we’d love to help you.

Have a look at our different photo shoot packages. Feel free to customize our packages to your wishes.

Basic photo shoot


A personalized photo shoot using the beautiful tropical light and surroundings of your resort and beach. It’s fun, relaxed, ideal for babies or large families or anybody that just wants to stay at the resort and on the beach. Includes a $100 credit towards any purchase after the shoot within two weeks. No minimum purchase required. The basic package is up to one hour.

Beach escape package


We start at your resort and then move to a secluded, quiet local beach. Escape and give yourself more time for some fun moments – the results are worth the extra effort. Includes a $100 towards any purchase after your shoot. No minimum purchase required. The beach escape package is two hours. Additional charge over 4 people.

Island escape package


For those without a car on vacation this is part island tour, part adventure and part behind the scenes as we take you to our favorite spots on Providenciales or the outer islands. Let’s stop and get a cocktail and take in the Turks and Caicos Islands beauty by nature. It’s a very relaxed session and using the island as a fantastic backdrop for your Turks and Caicos experience. A very popular option for families with teenagers, honeymoon couples and brides that want to “trash the dress”. Includes drinks, transportation and all the high resolution images.  The island escape is about three hours. Additional charge over 4 people.

Cast away package

Sunset trip 699

Half day  1399 and Full day 2099

A private yacht adventure. We started out in Turks as scuba instructors, so the opportunity to share our underwater love with you is fantastic. We snorkel, we eat a gourmet lunch, we shoot candid moments and a session on the beach. This is why you came to Turks and Caicos – for this experience, on your own private yacht. The photo shoot includes many credits towards purchases and a credit towards our custom made albums. Champagne, wine, beers sodas, lunch will be provided on the half and the full day trip, the sunset cruise will have snacks and drinks. Price does not include the chartering of the yacht but we can book the yacht for you.


Here is a quick video showing our Cast Away Package on luxury yacht Serenity.



We’d love to hear from you.

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Turks and Caicos Portrait Photographer

Your Turks and Caicos Portrait photo-shoot will be  –

Simple, Easy and Fun.

Turks and Caicos is an experience and your Turks and Caicos family portrait photo shoot should be as well.  We have the history and knowledge to make sure your shoot is fun, fabulous and relaxed. Wether you have toddlers or teenagers we can put together locations, clothing, timings, transport – everything to make sure its as easy as possible. We are dad’d too and we know he’s the hardest to please with these family photo shoots so  – “we’ve got your back” !.

best portrait photography
Portrait Photographers, Turks and Caicos, Brilliant Studios Photos
Portrait Photographers, Turks and Caicos, Brilliant Studios Photos

Get in touch!

We make it easy to talk with us – USA toll free number, Skype, Facebook, blog, email, twitter! We’ve had conversations on all of them ! Let’s find the perfect day for your shoot and a great time of day. Have small kids? When is best for them? Once you arrive in Turks let’s meet for a few minutes, get to answer any last minute questions, likes and dislikes. Sessions start at $350. We take credit cards and payment can be done online  – super easy !

Shoot it!

With the natural studio of Turks and Caicos as our background  its going to be a great shoot. When we chatted during the booking step we sorted out all the details  -so from here its plain sailing. We’ll organise the shoot for you, help with suggestions and control the flow. We’ve done this a billion times before so can easily cope with temperamental toddlers or sulky teenagers ! Our test of a great shoot? – when even dad says he had fun….you know it was.

View it!

Its worth the time if you can spare it. Yes we can do everything online – but if  you can escape for 30 minutes then its worth the investment. So much easier to discuss things face to face with you and we all know how crazy things will get once you get home and into the normal day to day routine again. Let’s sort out your christmas cards before you even get home ! 

Portrait Photographers, Turks and Caicos, Brilliant Studios Photos
Portrait Photographers, Turks and Caicos, Brilliant Studios Photos
Best Portrait Photography - Providenciales

With our purpose built studio and big screen room only a few minutes from all the resorts, we can collect you for a viewing session within a couple of days of the shoot. No hard sell from us, but a few minutes looking at options and showing you new creative ideas for you and your home. Our team of designers and photographers will have some great ideas ready for you to look over.

From Our Portrait Blog

Family Books

For the passing thought – you text. For the quick picture– you Instagram. For your 15 megabytes of fame there is You Tube, but for things of lasting importance there are books. For every event worth remembering, for every memory worth keeping, a book must be made. For your parents, your children or for  yourself, because now you can. (source unknown)

We’ve scoured the range of both USA based and international suppliers to find the best quality books we can find. We’ve been up and down the booths at all the major photography trade shows, year after year making sure that we give you the best. We’ve done the work for you so you don’t have to try and navigate the maze of suppliers and vendors. These aren’t online books – these are hand crafted by great people right here in the USA. Our books of choice are the books from West Coast Albums in California. They are exclusive to Brilliant in Turks and Caicos and we have worked closely with them to offer you some really unique books. Metal covers, name plates, engraving, boxes, parents copies,8×8 to 14×11 and up to 80 pages. We offer our signature coffee table books which are as as varied as your imagination. Cover choices, design, size , style and upto 80 pages. We also offer our “blu book” – one color choice, “Turks and Caicos” embossed on the cover , a simpler design style inside and upto 40 pages max.

turks and caicos wedding__0643 turks and caicos wedding__0642 caribbean weddings turks and caicos wedding__0649 caribbean weddings

Printing & Sharing


The classic way to present your portrait images is to have prints made. We can supply any size from 4×6 inches through to 30×40 inches, with many different sizes in between!

For local customers we have our own in-house printing facility, while for clients from overseas we have prints made at White House Custom Colour in the USA. Every image is individually inspected and adjusted by our own staff, and hand-retouched where appropriate. For regular photo prints, we offer lustre, or glossy print finishes. Lustre is assumed unless you specify otherwise on your order. Any image can be printed in black-and-white or sepia at no extra cost.


Standout is a thick lightweight board finished with a black edge and comes ready to display with hanging holes on the back. The image will stand out from the wall at a depth of 3/4“. The real beauty of Standout is that nothing extra needs to be done to prepare for display!

gallery wraps


For something a little bit unique – why not order a Gallery Wrap? Gallery Wraps are printed on to canvas and mounted onto a 1.5” wooden frame. The image is printed oversized, and the edges of the print are wrapped around the frame. Each Gallery Wrap comes with a laminated surface to protect from scuffs and scratches, as well as providing UV protection.

product prices

Sizes Glossy/Lustre Prints ¾” Standout Canvas Gallery Wrap
4×6 $15.00 n/a n/a
5×7 $15.00 n/a n/a
5×10 $17.50 n/a n/a
8×10 $30.00 $75.00 $175.00
8×12 $30.00 n/a n/a
10×10 $55.00 n/a $185.00
11×14 $85.00 $130.00 $230.00
10×20 $65.00 $135.00 $245.00
10×30 $75.00 n/a $300.00
12×12 $110.00 n/a n/a
12×24 $115.00 n/a n/a
16×20 $125.00 $175.00 $325.00
16×24 $150.00 $200.00 $350.00
20×20 $175.00 $225.00 $375.00
20×30 $250.00 $275.00 $425.00
24×36 $299.00 $450.00 $600.00
30×30 $325.00 n/a $675.00
30×40 $350.00 $635.00 $785.00

Brilliant Collections

Brilliant Collections – wall art made easy.

We’ve taken a lot of the work out of what combination of pictures, sizes, orientations work well together to tell a mini-story on your wall. Here are some of our favorite collections to inspire you. All available as regular prints, standouts and gallery wraps.

You can either make a selection your self or we can pick our favorites from the shoot for you. Either way we’ll send you a draft mockup of the layout and design before anything is made for your approval.

brilliant studios collections__0086 brilliant studios collections__0087 brilliant studios collections__0088 brilliant studios collections__0089 brilliant studios collections__0090