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It was Christopher’s 19th birthday and parents, Cathy and Sal Ruscica were keen to spend it along with young Luke on Turks and Caicos. Beaches resort in Grace Bay seemed the perfect location as they are one of the islands’ premiere family destination.
Christopher was very enthusiastic about the shoot. He’s a typical young man; He loves his family, he’s respectful of his mother, protective of his brother and looks up to his father. He’s outgoing, curious and friendly. Christopher is however autistic. His intentions are good as are his assumptions of others. He possesses the same innocence of a child who asks a question because he’s genuinely interested in the answer.
The nature of our business is to engage with whomever we’re photographing. We’re the fortunate few who are allowed to observe a family, even though we are strangers. Cathy and Sal are just like any other parents. They are extremely proud and astounded at how quickly Christopher has grown up. They have traveled quite extensively throughout the Caribbean and have even visited Cuba several times. Starting a family ourselves, it’s truly inspirational to see and hear from a family who allow themselves to live positively by exploring past their immediate surroundings. It brings home also how important what we do is. Time marches on and without even realizing it your family have grown up. It’s therefore best to always have something to remember along the way.