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The Duke of Edinburgh Program at British West Indies Collegiate

The Duke of Edinburgh Program is a project that is voluntary for the students at the British West Collegiate here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The students have to learn a new skill over the period of three months. Each week they have to commit to learning a new skill for over an hour a week. Gabriel selected photography as his new skill. We started his program on the first day with some explanations about the camera, the different lenses, shutter speed, aperture and composition of the images. In and around our studio we practiced different light situations, natural light as well as flash and we showed the effects of movement in a picture. Gabriel also volunteers at the Potcake Place, an organization that tries to reduce the amount of homeless dogs on island. So why not go there and see what was learned at our photography course. We took Gabriel on a real shoot with a couple on island, he learned the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop and he helped out with our baby Halloween shoot. Gabriel amazed us all!!! He has a fantastic eye for photography and is very talented. He is so talented that we, photographers here at Brilliant Studios, were not sure if we were going to show Gabriel’s pictures to Andy, the CEO of Brilliant Studios. We were actually a bit worried with a photographer as Gabriel on island. We told Gabriel he could come back anytime if he would like to get more into photography when he has time off from school. His answer ” That sounds great, but only if there is no wind” Okay, so kite surfing comes first….that makes us sleep a little better. Gabriel your photos are of a pro and we hope you liked your photography course here with us at Brilliant Studios. photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0001

                                                                          Knowledge of lighting situations and different types of very fast moving subjects


  Gabriel at work at the Potcake Place

photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0002Images by Gabriel at the Potcake Place, WOW!!

 photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0004Images by Gabriel, a photo shoot with photographers David and Craig

photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0003Images by Gabriel, David used some of Gabriel’s images on our blog

photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0013Images by Gabriel, helping Kellie and myself on our baby Halloween shoot


photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0006The photography master himselfphotographycoursesturksandcaicos_0007Gabriel teaching the next generation of photographers

photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0008photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0010Are our photography courses that good, or is Gabriel a natural talent….mmmm interesting question

photographycoursesturksandcaicos_0009Here is your new Facebook profile photo. if the pumpkins bother you, you know how to remove them yourself in Photoshop