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a family beach escape photo shoot

This is a family who truly enjoys each others company, laughing,  telling stories giving each other noogies on the beach and in the back of the bus. The family that plays together , stays together 🙂  They were fun, energetic and all completely into having a few photos taken during our family beach escape photo shoot, we LOVE this.    Our adventure started at Le Vele where they were waiting for me.  We then headed to Sailing Paradise for a some photos of the vibrant colorful walls and a more local feel, it was then off to da conch shack for a couple of conch shells and a cold beer. This definitely makes our jobs easier, you get out what you put in and it will show.  Chill out, let’s have some fun. You’re on vacation !  Thanks for calling us,  I had a blast.  Happy New Year.

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