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Family time at Point Grace Resort

Turks and caicos 1705

What an amazing week we are having. Yet another “returning family” again a few days ago with Tina and Vance and their two awesome daughters at Point Grace Resort & Spa. Again I did a family photo shoot for them a couple of years ago and it was fabulous to see everyone again. With two daughters of my own just a few years older it was easy to connect, have some fun and let everyone just be themselves. The time just flew by. Point Grace is also such a special resort with just 20 or so rooms it really keeps true to it’s boutique nature. Such amazing traditional Caribbean architecture and probably the best (widest) stretch of Grace Bay Beach out of the whole 12 miles. I’m not sure who does their landscaping, but I need to give them a call !Turks and caicos__1681 Turks and caicos__1682 Turks and caicos__1683 Turks and caicos__1684 Turks and caicos__1685 Turks and caicos__1686 Turks and caicos__1687 Turks and caicos__1688 Turks and caicos__1689 Turks and caicos__1690 Turks and caicos__1691 Turks and caicos__1692 Point grace resort Turks and caicos__1694 Turks and caicos__1695 Turks and caicos__1696 Turks and caicos__1697 Turks and caicos__1698 Point grace resort Turks and caicos__1700 Turks and caicos__1701 Turks and caicos__1702 Turks and caicos__1703 Turks and caicos__1704 Point grace resort Point grace resort