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Happy Birthday photo shoot for Bendelly

Happy birthday 0010

Happy birthday to Bendelly!  For her birthday photo shoot we went out with Bendelly, her best friend and cousin, Shameka and Ben. Starting of at Port of Calls ice cream parlor Giggles for some big birthday  ice cream with lots of colorful sprinkles on top. Throwing around some birthday confetti made this birthday photo shoot very colorful as well as using the map of the Turks and Caicos Islands in Ports of Call. Off to Flamingo Cafe, or to most known as Rickies,  for some playing around on the beach and a birthday dinner to finish. Pretty good for a birthday celebration we would say. Bendelly happy birthday again, love your spontaneous and happy personality and Shameka we will be working again with pleasure together at the next wedding in Grace Bay Club.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday_0033

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