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Monday morning family photo shoot

Villamirabelle 0014

This is how the week started with doing a Monday morning family photo shoot with the Bernstein family. They have come to the Turks and Caicos islands for a few years in a row now and have done some family photos with us before. This year they wanted to know if the family photo shoot could be done in the morning. Yes of course, and off we went early and bright at 8am this morning We started at the villa on Sapodilla Bay Beach and made our way over to Malcolm Beach. Always a great adventure road trip to Malcolm Beach. Equipped with sunglasses, because it can be a bit bright on the beach, and creating some cool casual photos while on vacation. And with two brothers there is always some teasing or photo bombing going on which makes it all the more fun.

From Malcolm beach we continued this Monday morning family photo shoot to Sailing Paradise in Blue Hills for some added Caribbean color and ended up for the last relaxing part at Kalookis. Kalookis made some amazing smoothies and virgin pina coladas for the kids and mom and dad were happy to enjoy a great rum punch. Not too bad to start of your week….. either on vacation or a Monday morning working. What was wrong with Mondays again?Familyphotoshoot Familyphotoshoot Villamirabelle_0003 Villamirabelle_0004 Villamirabelle_0005 Villamirabelle_0006 Villamirabelle_0007 Villamirabelle_0008 Villamirabelle_0009 Villamirabelle_0010 Villamirabelle_0011 Villamirabelle_0012 Villamirabelle_0013 Villamirabelle_0014 Villamirabelle_0015 Villamirabelle_0016 Villamirabelle_0017 Villamirabelle_0018 Villamirabelle_0019 Villamirabelle_0020 Villamirabelle_0021 Villamirabelle_0022