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So much personality and fun..

We’ve had the privilege of helping Rebecca and her extended family with photo shoots in Turks and Caicos for several years now. As social media has developed we now book shoots via facebook messages and tweets rather than good old email!  Social Media is part of what she does for her awesome day job and staying connected its actually great for us as photographers. We have things to talk about that, we feel involved and it takes less time for everyone to relax and forget (to a degree) that the camera is even there. With this group – it’s always fun. Great colour schemes, relaxed, happy not to take things too seriously…our kinda people.

I LOVE this quick combination, they simply started laughing together..not prompted by me at all..

This is HYSTERICAL though..its a running joke over the years and Zoe’s expression…makes me smile every time I look through the sequence..