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A stylish family photo shoot in Turks and Caicos

They’re back…………..  And this year with a new addition, another little girl.  I photographed Kristen and her family a few years ago at Grace Bay club and we had a blast, she dressed the girls in beautiful coloured dresses and flowing fabrics , not to be outdone by this year,  we needed to try something a little different for a stylish family photo shoot on the beach.  Could we incorporate a piano? A couch on the beach?  What to do? What to do? Working with our time frame and little ones, I think we came up with something subtle and beautiful. Oh, and the weather cooperated by clouding over just a bit to compliment the pastels on the beach.  Thanks to Point Grace and Stacie Steensland for your help and ideas, we shall do it again. Enjoy!

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