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Tara and Nick bring the kids to the beach.

Villa del Mar is a great base for family vacations in Turks and Caicos. It has great rooms, a lovely pool and is a short walk to the Grace Bay Beach. Tara and Nick and their two young children clearly had been having a great time and it was a pleasure to carve a little time out of the vacation for some family pictures. I really believe that  it’s a big advantage  when photographing kids to be a parent yourself. You know the tricks, the looks, the turn of phrase that helps get them into having fun and relaxing. With Kelan and Kali, it was just great fun – we ran, we jumped, we chased…what a great time on the beach..


We built this family group up starting with Tara and Nick…Kali on her way to join them simply decided she wanted to have a rest first  😉 !!

She didn’t fall, she just stopped and had a quick lie down !

Making snow sand angels… I said I didn’t know what they were so Kelan (being 5) naturally had to get sandy and show me…

“Mum cannot see me pulling faces right?”