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tropical island proposal

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Scott Hogan wanted something memorable when he planned on proposing to his girlfriend Kristen. It’s not difficult to see why the Turks and Caicos Islands makes a perfect destination for a tropical island proposal. With so much for Scott to organize, his brother’s girlfriend, Katarina was only too happy to arrange a photographer to capture the occasion when Scott got down on one knee. So the wheels were set in motion for Brilliant Studios to clandestinely capture the emotion of the moment Scott asked for Kristen to forever be his life partner. Messages were passed between Scott and myself via Katarina, being ever mindful not to allow Kristen the slightest suspicion of our intensions. it’s never easy concealing yourself as a photographer when the lens you require is a telephoto, however living in paradise there’s always something to direct your attention to as a diversion. Queue the lovely couple and my ruse of photographing the approaching sunset is working a treat. Intentions unknown, Scott gets down onto one knee on the soft white sand and asks for Kristen’s hand in marriage with the turquoise ocean in the background. It’s moments like these that make my job so enjoyable. The emotion was almost tangible. Being fortunate enough to share in the emotion and capture these moments is an uplifting experience. Although creating their own memories, I hope these images will always remind Scott and Kristen of the time they committed themselves to each other.

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Portrait photographer03

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