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A little romance early in the morning.

Turks and caicos 3664

It’s been a busy few weeks this summer. So much so that we could only do a photo shoot for Sanjana and Moin on early Sunday morning rather than the more usual late evening and sunset time slot. Did it matter? I think not, in fact shooting early in the AM is actually a lot of fun. First there are less people around the resort and on the beach. People only really started to walk on the beach right at the very end of our shoot. Secondly, the light here in Turks and Caicos is so amazing and shooting in the AM allowed us to play with it. Third and not least – the knocks your socks off color of the water… never gets old.  Yes we were limited in the shots we could do on the beach due to a little squinting etc but the blue is just fantastic. LOVE these pictures. This was Sanjana and Moin’s first trip to Turks and Caicos. they had a great time staying at the Seven Stars resort. I have a feeling this will not be their last visit 😉
Turks and caicos__3645 Turks and caicos__3646 Turks and caicos__3647 Turks and caicos__3648 Turks and caicos__3649 Turks and caicos__3650 Turks and caicos__3651 Turks and caicos__3652 Turks and caicos__3653 Turks and caicos__3654 Turks and caicos__3655 Turks and caicos__3656 Turks and caicos__3657 Turks and caicos__3658 Turks and caicos__3659 Turks and caicos__3660 A little romance early in the morning. Turks and caicos__3662 Turks and caicos__3663 A little romance early in the morning. Turks and caicos__3665