Amy and Dan’s honeymoon beach shoot.

With Hurricane Joaquin to the north of us stirring up both the waves and bringing in some clouds and rain, a honeymoon beach shoot was always a little in doubt. Amy and I emailed back and forth during the day and the weather started to clear and we were a “GO”. For this lovely couple visiting the Turks and Caicos for the first time (it will not be their last I think) they wanted to keep it really relaxed, so we did a slightly shorter session for them and just focused on the beach at the Seven Stars resort. Only married a couple of weeks ago they were great in front of the camera and we seemed to spend a lot of the time talking about Scuba diving !  As we waited for the sunset and the odd person walking by, the sky became incredible with ever changing colors. Very little photoshop needed last night. WOW Checkout those sunset pictures – very special. Many congrats to you both.

turks and caicos__3917 turks and caicos__3918 honeymoon beach shoot. turks and caicos__3920 honeymoon beach shoot. honeymoon beach shoot. turks and caicos__3923 turks and caicos__3924 turks and caicos__3925 turks and caicos__3926 honeymoon beach shoot