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Day after the wedding or “TTD” shoot.

Ttd shoot

This year we’ve seen a rise in the number of brides that have asked us to help them with “day after” or Trash the dress” shoots. Now for clarification, a trash the dress (TTD) shoot doesn’t mean that every bride has to destroy her dress in these fun shoots. we are quite happy if just the bottom gets a little sandy – no pressure from us, but with such amazing water (plus it’s warm!) we do find lots of couple’s making the plunge!

Following their wedding at beaches Resort & Spa, i met up with Megan and Jon for a laid back, late afternoon shoot. As you will remember from their wedding blog, their wedding the day before was at 1pm so we already captured lots of colourful, bright blue water pictures. With this shoot we wanted to use the softer, more pastel colours seen just before sunset. This would mean that we wouldn’t be doing full underwater pictures as we wanted to have the dress “useable” for pictures right up to sunset.

Ginny Megan’s maid of honor came along too, which was incredibly helpful. It’s always great to have another pair of hands and eyes to catch wayward strands of hair or helping with lighting.

Given that is was JUST SO HOT the day before right after the wedding the first thing we did was find a garden area at Villa Renaissance to capture some pictures of just them – more formally.

Turks and caicos_0104 Ttd shoot Ttd shoot Turks and caicos_0107 Turks and caicos_0108 Turks and caicos_0109 Ttd shoot Turks and caicos_0111 Turks and caicos_0112

Awesome – this is what we love – we helped with the location, some lighting and then they did the rest…they totally forget I was shooting…LOVE ITTurks and caicos_0113 Turks and caicos_0114 Turks and caicos_0115 Turks and caicos_0116

We all needed a break…;-)

Turks and caicos_0117 Turks and caicos_0118 Turks and caicos_0119

Turks and caicos_0120 Turks and caicos_0121 Turks and caicos_0122 Turks and caicos_0123 Ttd shoot Ttd shoot Ttd shoot Ttd shoot Turks and caicos_0128 Ttd shoot Turks and caicos_0130 Turks and caicos_0131 Turks and caicos_0132