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An early morning Caribbean engagement shoot

Caribbeanengagement 0025

An early morning Caribbean engagement shoot was our wake up call this morning at 730 am. Dave and Melanie, two early birds, called me yesterday to book their engagement shoot early in the morning. I could not be happier being an early birdy myself. A little overcast, but gorgeous light this morning, we really should do all sessions early morning, it was beautiful. We are saving the sunshine for their wedding day. We started their Caribbean engagement shoot in the Sands resort and ended up on the beach. Now, were we all awake enough to pull this off after the weekend? Well have a look and make up your own mind, I think it is safe to say that Dave and Melanie were not only awake but these two have loads of energy, love it. I can’t honestly not wait until they are getting married here in the Turks and Caicos. Melanie is going to be a stunning bride and Dave is going to be one handsome groom. I visualize their wedding day full of laughter and having lived in the Philippines myself, being amongst them and their family is going to feel very much at home. When I see a woman coming out of her hotel room with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes in her hands on her engagement shoot,  it is hard to wait to see her dress and shoes on her wedding day.Caribbeanengagement_0001Caribbeanengagement_0002Caribbeanengagement_0003Caribbeanengagement_0004Caribbeanengagement_0005Caribbeanengagement_0006Caribbeanengagement_0007Caribbeanengagement_0008Caribbeanengagement_0009Caribbeanengagement_0010Caribbeanengagement_0011Caribbeanengagement_0012Caribbeanengagement_0013Caribbeanengagement_0014Caribbeanengagement_0015Caribbeanengagement_0016Caribbeanengagement_0017Caribbeanengagement_0018Caribbeanengagement_0019Caribbeanengagement_0020Caribbeanengagement_0021Caribbeanengagement_0022Caribbeanengagement_0023Caribbeanengagement_0024Caribbeanengagement_0025Caribbeanengagement_0026