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Lauren and William’s romantic photo shoot.

Romantic photo shoot

With so many families down in Turks and Caicos for spring break it was fun to mix things up a little and help Lauren and Williams with a more romantic photo shoot. We were able to rearrange the shoot to avoid some cloud and rain on our “booked night” and slip the shoot by 24 hours. So glad we did as the sun was out and it was another fabulous afternoon in Turks and Caicos. WOW what a cute couple and so fun to work with. We played. we moved around the island, we tried out a new spot where we’ve never taken pictures before and ended up on the south side of the island with the perfect sunset setting right over the water. Awesome…now we just need to persuade them to come back for the destination wedding 😉
Turks and caicos__1724 Turks and caicos__1725 Turks and caicos__1726 Turks and caicos__1727 Turks and caicos__1728 Turks and caicos__1729 Turks and caicos__1730 Turks and caicos__1731 Turks and caicos__1732 Romantic photo shoot

Turks and caicos__1721 Turks and caicos__1735 Turks and caicos__1736 Turks and caicos__1737 Turks and caicos__1738 Turks and caicos__1739 Turks and caicos__1740 Turks and caicos__1741 Turks and caicos__1742 Turks and caicos__1743 Romantic photo shoot Turks and caicos__1745 Turks and caicos__1746 Romantic photo shoot Turks and caicos__1748 Turks and caicos__1749 Turks and caicos__1750

Romantic photo shoot Turks and caicos__1752 Turks and caicos__1753