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Cindy and Kelton’s 10th Wedding Anniversary at Parrot Cay

Turks and caicos 0493

We make no secret of the fact that we love to shoot at Parrot Cay Resort by Como Hotels . It’s a gorgeous resort on it’s own private island with a beach that seems to go on forever. It’s grounds are also stunning with flame trees, big leaf palms,  and tree lined walkways that contrast against the white wooden walls, red roof tiles and hand laid stonework. Adding onto that a lovely couple like Cindy and Kelton celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and it makes for an afternoon that is a struggle to call “work”.

Simple ,elegant, fun, low key, but full of smiles and laughter this was a true celebration.Parrot cayParrot cayParrot cayTurks and caicos__0482Parrot cayTurks and caicos__0484Turks and caicos__0485Turks and caicos__0486Turks and caicos__0487Turks and caicos__0488Turks and caicos__0489Turks and caicos__0490Parrot cayTurks and caicos__0492Parrot cayTurks and caicos__0494Parrot cay