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Where did the time go – 10 year anniversary .

Turks and caicos 4895

Over the last few weeks we’ve had the very lovely  pleasure of meeting past couples and families that we’ve helped in previous years. Whilst this happens on a fairly regular basis, we’ve had more than normal over this “spring break” period – what fun ! It’s always great to meet up again, meet new additions to the family and chat about the changes to the island over the last 5, 7 or 10 years. For the Deeb family, we returned to their wedding site at the gorgeous boutique Point Grace Resort. We even managed a quick picture with the Rolls Royce car they used and stood in the very spot, poolside where they said their vows ten years ago. Despite being a little windy on the beach we has to capture a few family groups and moments – it is after all probably the best spot on grace Bay for catching the sunset. The boys were amazing. great fun, happy to play around and did everything with a huge smile – great fun.

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