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Wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach

Turks and caicos 3630

A wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach is not something we do every week or even every month, yet we’ve had a flurry of proposals over the last ten days ! It all starts with a call or email from the (always slightly nervous) groom to be. Locations? Time of day? How will you recognize me? Where shall I do it?  Zack already had 95% of the plan (and a ring 😉  ) so with a little tweaking for the best beach spot and lighting we had a plan. It was a really fabulous evening as Zack and Hayley walked up the beach. Hayley had no idea this was the moment as I mixed/hid with a few late afternoon guests sitting on the beach. I think they were as excited as anyone! – they did after all have front row seats.  Zack walked passed, made sure he had seen me and then dropped to one knee…..perfect. After going over and saying hello and making introductions, we hung out on the beach as the sun slowly got lower and lower in the sky…then I gave them a quick ride to Coco Bistro…perfect !! Many congratulations to you both.

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