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Why you should Trash The Dress.

Turks and caicos 2097

Why you should Trash The Dress.  For many brides it’s a simple “never” and that’s fine, whilst for others it’s a maybe or not quite sure. After all it’s their wedding dress!  First off the name “trash the dress’ is a bit like doom and gloom. It’s rare that the dress is written off or destroyed in fact I’ve never seen that happen. So why do it?

Your wedding day starts early, ends late and is a whirlwind of planned activities, events, family, friends and moments. Time for just the two of you is naturally limited as is the time allotted for more creative moments together. The heat in Turks and Caicos means that most weddings start 90 minutes before sunset – you simply don’t want your guests out in the full sun on the beach earlier than that. A trash the dress shoot or any similar couples shoot is a fantastic way to get the most out of your tropical destination wedding. You can explore the destination, go to places you might not otherwise visit and have a much broader selection of pictures to have to remember your wedding weekend.  getting into the water is not a “must do”, some brides just get their feet wet, other’s like Jennifer here go all in. The water in Turks and Caicos is hard to resist ! Clear as gin and 82F !

For me the trash the dress is the best combination you can have with a wedding. It’s a photo shoot about the two of you in this amazing destination – just you. It allows your photographer to be more creative, have more time to play and with the relationship you’ve already developed during the wedding, it feels, easy, fun and relaxed. really the question should be why aren’t you doing a shoot like this?

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