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Cristy and Herve’s Turks and Caicos Wedding at the Gansevoort.

Gorgeous, emotional, fun, colorful, family, friendships, celebration, tears. All these are true for Cristy and Herve’s Wedding. The details that Cristy planned and put together with Teresa from Tropical DMC were stunning and set a beautiful stage for some many special moments. The vivid colours of the bouquet, the gorgeous makeup by Shenique, the ceremony, the reception at night – perfect. This was a true celebration of the two of them, but also the clear and obvious close family and long term friendships they both have. I don’t think I’ve seen so much crying (from the guys!) in a long time! But they were special moments that turned into a great party under a beautiful caribbean night.

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A relaxed colourful and intimate destination wedding at Grace Bay Club, TCI

Alex and Beibian didn’t have far to come to celebrate their wedding day. A short one hour flight from Miami and they found themselves with sand between their toes exchanging vows as the sun slipped quickly towards the horizon. A gorgeous colour scheme, a lovely daughter Sophia, mums and dads and best friends made this a very intimate and special day. I love the long table for the reception at Grace Bay Club – so much more “family style” for this new family’s first meal together.Read More »A relaxed colourful and intimate destination wedding at Grace Bay Club, TCI

Celebrate your family before the kids “fly the nest”.

Every family we help with a photo shoot has a different story, a different reason for wanting some family pictures on this visit to Turks and Caicos. ¬†Often its a baby’s first steps or first beach pictures or a second arrival in the family. Perhaps a trip with grandma. A close tie for the lead is when the kids are off in college and moving on to new jobs, new locations. Time has flown by….Read More »Celebrate your family before the kids “fly the nest”.

So much beach time fun at Grace Bay Club, Turks and Caicos

It all started with an iphone picture of Peggy and her daughter Penelope walking towards the blue ocean. It captured Peggy’s imagination and 24 hours later we were helping her capture some really lovely family moments on the beach right on front of Grace Bay Club. It can take a little time for kids to warm up to a new person, let alone one with a big camera pointing at them – but that’s where our team (as parents ourselves) know all the tricks and it was so great to see Penelope running, jumping and having such a great time. Posed pictures with a two year old? Sure we got them…they just don’t look set up or posed ūüėČ ¬†lovely family, lovely evening – pure Turks and Caicos family fun.

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Engaging times in Turks and Caicos

One of the top three ways to make sure your destination wedding is a success is to have a “site visit” to your destination. (the other two? well that’s for another post). Visiting your hotel or villa, seeing the layout, walking around with your coordinator, meeting the key people who will be part of your “wedding team” ¬†– all vital and all¬†guaranteed¬†to make your wedding day less stressful and more relaxed. Scott and Erin are planning a wedding in March next year and whilst they haven’t sorted out a resort or coordinator yet they knew they wanted to use Brilliant and have some pictures during their visit. We had a lovely time talking about our¬†experiences¬†of various options, ideas and simply took pictures¬†in-between¬†laughing, chatting,¬†answering questions and having fun. In no time at all, the sun was dipping behind the horizon and Erin and Scott were off to do some food tastings. Yum !Read More »Engaging times in Turks and Caicos

Girls getaway’s – Amanyara style!

It appears that girl’s getaway trips are becoming more and more popular. We’ve helped several groups this summer and its not just limited to birthdays or bacholorette parties. Even Luxury travel mum Kim Marie¬†recently¬†blogged about such trips.“Five Great Reasons to Grab a Girlfriend and Go”¬†A quick call one friday and a few hours later I walked in to see Caryn and Lindsay “prepping” for their shoot. We narrowed the outfits down from 6-7 each to 3 each and headed to the perfect cove and beach right outside their Amanyara villa. I think I found my new favourite photo spot in Turks and Caicos. No wonder Sports Illustrated used that same spot earlier this year…Read More »Girls getaway’s – Amanyara style!

A special family time.

James and Beth Terry have some amazing “kids”. ¬†With the youngest about to go to do some pre-med courses, another studying¬†engineering¬†and one with a business major they are all well on their way to great careers. ¬†It was lovely to meet up with them at the Regent Grand and capture this “grown up family” for a few minutes as the sun set over Grace Bay Beach. I can only imagine that for James and Terry it must feel like only yesterday that all three girls were starting school…time flies!Read More »A special family time.