Andy Mann

The lovely Wilson family.

It was was totally by chance that I happened to be at the Somerset resort one evening for commercial photo shoot and met the Wilson family and arranged a family portrait for a couple of days later.

Whilst we often hear from families that they want to wait a few days after they arrive “to get a little color” or tan, I think the Wilson family don’t have that problem!

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Married by a bartender…

Jackie and Shawn live life to the full and they shared their wedding with close family and friends in a similar style.

Whilst I love stills and the unseen moments they can capture moving imagery or movies are just that “moving”…

and yes they were married by a bartender…for real !!

This is the highlight reel of Jackie and Shawn’s wedding day. Hope you enjoy it.

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Well worth the wait….

Missy and Scott have know each other for 20 years, yet only now are getting married. Whilst their paths have gone separate ways until now, you can tell within seconds of meeting them that this is meant to be.

Scott the consummate salesman didn’t stop smiling or talking the whole wedding (well apart from when the chocolate cake came out) and Missy got her dream of a perfect sunset on the beach.Read More »Well worth the wait….

Every cloud has a silver lining..

We had a LOT of rain last week. TS Bonnie moved through the Turks and Caicos and Bahamas – well actually it was just a storm as it went by us, but it did make the news in the USA as it headed to the Gulf.

Anyway, we had to postpone the Parent family’s photo shoot by 24hrs to let the weather go by but as a result we were blessed to get some beautiful soft light to work with..

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Shingo and Akiko’s Amanyara delight..

Whilst most husbands think dinner at an upscale restaurant,a Broadway show or even a weekend away are fabulous anniversary ideas,  Shingo and Akiko took things to a WHOLE new level.

Traveling all the way from Japan, they came to Amanyara in Turks and Caicos to have a beautiful renewal of vows ceremony.

Whilst my Japanese was never very good (I worked for a Japanese company in London in my distant past), we managed to communicate and in the end the smiles said it all….

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