Andy Mann

Danyelle and John’s dream destination wedding.

Danyelle and John’s wedding at the Grace Bay Club on Grace Bay beach last week was wonderful. As soon as I learnt that they are both “special ed” teachers I knew this wasn’t going to be a “diva, bridezilla inspired chaos” (not that we get those down in turks….no really we don’t!)

With such great people as the “stars” everything else just fell into place – the picture perfect location, the stunning sunset…..aahhh

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Billy just couldn’t wait any longer!

It was long after when Billy and Jennifer arrived at the Sands Resort in Turks and Caicos and dumped their bags in their room than Billy was prompting that they should go for a walk along the beach…slightly bemused by his eagerness for walking, Jennifer agreed. Minutes later screaming could be heard from the dunes….as Billy totally surprised Jennifer with a proposal of marriage…..thankfully…she said yes 😉

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An Amanyara honeymoon.

We are so lucky to work in Turks and Caicos and to have so many amazing resorts as our “playground”. Amanyara is certainly a favorite location for us with its unique architecture and word-class beach…John and Mafalda on honeymoon from Portugal gave us a call. They wanted to remember this special place..

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Say YES to a photo booth at your wedding!

We had the pleasure of helping Lori and Ian with their wonderful wedding at the Gansevoort this past weekend. A fun crowd –  they requested a “photo booth” for the reception…sounds naff? boring?? OMG you wouldn’t catch me in that thing?? Well the reality was it was a blast….everyone was getting into it, often coming back for several visits, everyone trying to out do each other and be a little more creative and crazy….

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A gift a husband will never forget!

Elaine’s sister Jerri-lee was getting married last week at the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos. However as a result of some rave reviews on the best destination wedding forum she was using Brilliant for her boudoir session, trash the dress and some family pics too.  Well  – inspired by her sister’s boudoir session the day before Elaine decided at the last minute to do one herself! Yeah ! She travels a whole heap of the time (China, India) and wanted a special gift for her husband’s 30th. So rather than than wait for that Boston photo studio later in the year –  with Jerri-lee helping we pulled it all together and made it happen for her…

(Please note that this is a boudoir and swimsuit session so if this is “not your thing” then… this is not the post for you…;-)  )

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