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Sefina and Michael’s engagement photo shoot in Turks and Caicos.

Sefina and Michael are planning a wedding in Turks and Caicos and as with all couples that make that extra step and come down before the wedding for a”site visit” we like to shoot a fun, quick, easy photo shoot. It let’s them really “see” and feel how we work as well as giving them to opportunity to have some great images for announcement cards, save the date and wedding websites. So after a great meeting and a few days on their own to explore the island we met up near Grace Bay Beach for a small shoot just before sunset.

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Danielle and Ferron.

I met up with Danielle and Ferron last week in the Regent Palms Hotel. If you have ever been in this hotel, you know that their Spa area is absolutely gorgeous. George was so kind to let us go in quietly to take some photos, thanks George! We moved around very silently 🙂 You just feel you have to whisper when you are in there, so serene. Danielle and Ferron booked a massage for the next day…… the pleasures of well deserved time off. Ferron also told me that they wanted to re-create a photo, that they saw in a magazine, for Corona beer. I asked him if they worked for Corona, but not even close. So why not! Corona your new ad is done 🙂Read More »Danielle and Ferron.

Tamara Ford.

……or Tamie as most of us know her. She is a very talented make up artist with her own business called, Tamie Touch (1) 649-343-3000, operating in Florida as well as here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  For her birthday she decided  finally 🙂 to have some photos taken. As our location we selected the beautiful property of the Regent Palms Hotel. Tamie has never done a photo shoot before, but she was definitely a gorgeous natural. Well…. I did catch her practicing faces and poses in the mirror at The Palms when she did not know I was there yet. I should have taken picture of that! It was hilarious and of course embarrassing but good for a great laugh. Tamie, I have not had a chance yet to look at all your photos, but I know you are waiting to see some, so here you go! And Happy Birthday!Read More »Tamara Ford.

Spring Break in Turks & Caicos and some wonderful memories

The advantage of having a ‘team” approach at Brilliant is that we can help each other out. Naturally we often have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 people at a wedding, but for some family shoots – having an extra person is always great. We did just that this week with the Morris and Ridge families. Both David and I went to their rental villa on Sapodilla Bay for a relaxed shoot an hour or so before sunset.

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Meet Ariana!

Ariana is the name of this beautiful little girl that was born in the Bahamas a little over two months ago. Mom Hendrika, who is a concierge at the Turks and Caicos Club, came to visit us in our new studio last week for some photos.

What a delightful girl! The moment she came in with Mom she was smiling and never stopped. I told Hendrika that this pretty girl definitely has Mom’s good looks, but according to Hendrika, Ariana looks more like her dad Renno. Well for whoever knows them…. you tell me!

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Another fun day in paradise…

Inspired by our Christmas card this year and with a visit to relatives coming up was enough of a reason to get April and Nyah in front of the camera for a quick fun photo shoot. I always enjoy these types of shoots – it’s not as formal or as structured as a wedding – you can almost never “plan” on anything… especially if the “talent” are under five years old.

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