Andy Mann

Baby, Baby, oh baby!!

Our new fab, “eco friendly” photo studio allows us to doΒ  indoor studio work for the first time. With big north facing windows, air conditioning and plenty of space, we can now offer photography services that are not best suited to the outdoors or on the beach. A quick executive portrait, a video interview, boudoir session and especially infant and baby photos. Such fun!

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New ebook guides on things to do in Turks and Caicos – free to download.

We’ve put together a few lists of our favorite things to do in Turks and Caicos and made them available for free on our website.A vacation planning guide really.

The three new e-books include “Best beaches in Turks and Caicos”, Things to do with families in Turks and Caicos” and then finally a guide for those with children under five.

These guides are meant to be fun – we’ve no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned – these are all things we’ve done ourselves over the years!

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The perfect “upgrade” for the Beaches all-inclusive bride!

We’ve had a great relationship with the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos over the years. I mean I helped paint the walls of the reception area BEFORE it was even a Beaches!!!! Such is island life πŸ˜‰ As it turns out we’ve noticed over the last few months that more and more brides having destination weddings have been contacting us wanting something “more” than can be offered by the on-site, in-house photography crew at the resort. Nothing wrong with that and kudos to those brides for wanting to take their wedding to a new level! So to answer that need we’ve put together a special “upgrade” for Beaches brides this year…

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Our Family Vacation.

I met Christina, David , Noah and Evan last week in the Sands Resort. They told me they have never been here before, they used to go to Hawaii, but since the flight to here is that much shorter, they decided to check out the Turks and Caicos Islands this time. Their two sons are 8 and 10 and let me tell you….they are some characters πŸ™‚ We sometimes use two photographers when a family has very little kids, just to keep them entertained and keep their attention. So 8 and 10 should be a piece of cake. Yeah! NO…. these are ages for boys where everything is stupid…especially a photo shoot with your parents πŸ™‚Read More »Our Family Vacation.

The Birdwells

Last week David and myself picked up Amanda, Rich and their three cute kids Jayden, Jake and Chase from Beaches Resort and Spa to take a little drive to Leeward Beach to play around on the beach a bit. Amanda is actually a great photographer herself in the Minneapolis region, her business is called Birdwell Photography. I think it would be soooo cool to start a photographer swap program. We would love to shoot some urban scenery and I am sure there are…… maybe just a couple…. of photographers that would like to come to the Caribbean and shoot beach scenes. Awesome idea, I’ll look into it πŸ™‚Read More »The Birdwells

Veronique and Jackie

I met mom Veronique and daughter Jackie in the beautiful Bamboo House on the south side of the island on Taylor Bay. A gorgeous stretch of beach away from all the hotels. Just some private residences stretch out here right on the ocean. Veronique got in contact with me because she wanted some casual photos taken with her daughter while they were here.

You can definitely see where daughter Jackie gets her good looks from and Veronique looks like she could be Jackie’s sister. They were just hanging out that afternoon on the beach with some more family and this was a “no fuss, I could have brought my swimsuit” kind of shoot πŸ™‚ Check out thisΒ  little boat wreck on the other side of the beach, I thought it was just great for its vibrant colors.

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School photos Provo Primary 2010

You can see photos from this school, I would think for at least the last 6 years on our blog. So yes… besides our weddings, portraits and commercial shoots we go to this cute school every year to have some fun. David, Kellie and myself are kind of the private Provo Primary photographers. I don’t really know why we got this title, maybe because we do a good job πŸ™‚ or… have to be a little nuts with that many kids. We try and come up with something different each year so this year we had the kids pull funny faces and guess what? they were right into that. While waiting for the other kids to have their photos taken you could see they were so practicing their funny faces. Read More »School photos Provo Primary 2010