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The Sands

Weddings at The Sands in Turks and Caicos

Marisela & James at The Sands

You may remember Marisela and James from a post back in July.  They came to Provo for a site inspection- sounds formal but it is a great way to meet potential vendors, a hotel to host your Wedding and of course get to know your photographer.  I was available to take photos the day they arrived and I guess they were happy with the results, because I was honored to take photos of the couple again on their Wedding day.Read More »Marisela & James at The Sands

The wedding of Kerri & Chris Dorman at The Sands

On April 16th we had one of this days when the sun decided not to show up and instead we had some overcast skies but Chris and Kerri were such a relax and happy couple that everything was just fine.

Kerri and Chris wanted a small an intimate wedding with their family and their closest friends. Because they already knew the Turks & Caicos Islands from previous visits and  they liked so much they decided to celebrate their wedding here in Providenciales.

Before their beach ceremony I did a few photos with bride and groom separately at the beautiful gardens of The Sands Resort and then we continue to Grace Bay beach to celebrate their wedding ceremony.  Diane and Jack  from Island Harmony did a fabulous  job organizing Kerri and Chris wedding day.

Read More »The wedding of Kerri & Chris Dorman at The Sands

Brianna and Carmine – soon to be married…

Decisions, decisions… planning a destination wedding is not always easy. To find the perfect answer to where, when, how and who a trip to the Turks and Caicos becomes mandatory. Brianna and Carmine left the freezing temperatures that hit the States this winter and jumped on a plane direct to the island to finalize their wedding details and enjoy a little sunshine.

We love to meet our future couples and share our “Provo’s secrets”, as well as offer them a free engagement session to get the feel of being in front of the camera and be the star of the day. Read More »Brianna and Carmine – soon to be married…

The Wedding of Lesya and David at The Sands Resort

I love international weddings! After a Romanian and a Chinese one I had the pleasure to photograph a special event with an Ukrainian influence: Lesya and David got married on the pristine beach of The Sands Resort and friends & family flew to the Turks and Caicos Islands to share their happiness.

The 10 Russian words I learned in the past were not very helpful to communicate with Lesya’s mom and dad, but a big smile can go a long way. Read More »The Wedding of Lesya and David at The Sands Resort

The Wedding of Andrea and Bob at The Regent Palms – Part 1

My wish list to Santa is becoming every day longer… my latest add on is: in the near future I want to be a guest at a wedding like the one of Andrea and Bob! Seriously, who wouldn’t love to fly to the Turks and Caicos, jump on a boat for a day at sea, attend a glamorous wedding, marvel at a firework display, eat delicious food and party all night long?!?

The couple got married on the beautiful beach of The Regent Palms – Thanksgiving week was a busy one for the island, but despite the thousands of tourists, Andrea, Bob and their guests enjoyed a wonderful week and all the attention they deserved on such a special occasion. Read More »The Wedding of Andrea and Bob at The Regent Palms – Part 1

Turks and Caicos engagement session

Turks and Caicos Engagement Session.

Sara and Josh are engaged to be married and they have set their date for May 8th 2010.

Sara has visited the Turks and Caicos years ago. This time she took Josh to see if he liked it as much as she did. They came over for a crash visit to take care of all the details for their wedding day with Diane from Island Harmony. We offer a free island engagement session to all couples that are getting married here. It is great! they get know us, we get to know them, so when the big day finally arrives we are basically friends already. Sara told me she kinda knew us already, because I actually shot their friends, Heather and Florencio’s ,wedding as well.

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