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Turks and Caicos, Regent Palms Resort & Spa, Boys will be boys !

Having families come back for a second or third shoot with us is always a treat. They know us, we know them, things just kick off as if no time had passed. It’s been five years since we helped the Presley family and the boys Jackson and Hunter have gotten bigger, faster and have even more energy ! With the Regent Palms as our base (aka gorgeous backdrop), we let that energy flow and spent a wonderful hour or so hanging out, very relaxed through to sunset and a little beyond..

With all our shoots we do a quick slightly more formal shot, then some fun ones. We keep it moving, light and easy – especially with 6 and 8 year olds ! The boys were great, lots of fun.

How did they get up on that railing? 😉

In between the running we paused for a few seconds to catch a moment (or was I simply out of breath running with them??)

Jackson and Hunter really got into some serious jumping action. In between each shot they’d run over to the camera to check out their results…

The flash off, turn to the sunset – got it ! 😉

Regular readers of the blog will have guessed we were going to end up in the water !!