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Wedding Videos

It’s frustrating standing at a wedding reception listening to the bride’s brother give the most amazing toast that is heartfelt, funny and to be quite honest unexpected. Knowing that it hasn’t been recorded (sorry an iphone from the back of the room 50ft away does not count) and that the moment is “lost” forever is disappointing. baaklini_0673

We feel same way about the vows if the bride and groom have written there own, or perhaps a friend is stepping in as the officiant. It’s hearing the vows, hearing the waves lapping on the beach that is so transformational to recalling your wedding day.

I love photography for its speed. It’s ability to capture a defining moment, a glance, a look a landscape. It’s a must have.

Movies are not for everyone, but to me its comparing having a formal, posed 8×10 picture of your grandmother’s wedding magically transform “Harry Potter” style into a moving, breathing record of the day all in glorious Blu ray quality and sound. Now wouldn’t your kids and grandkids LOVE that.

Here is a small private collection of movies we have produced recently. These are the final edits as the individual brides wanted.