Your Caribbean Wedding

Your wedding in Turks and Caicos should be like the island –

elegant, relaxed and fun.


Our first point of contact with you is probably an email, but quickly we’ll move this to the telephone or better still your site visit to plan your wedding. Having a good connection with you, a clear understanding of what you like and don’t like is vital. But it’s also more subtle than that. How do we make you smile, make you relax, feel comfortable around us. The first thing we do is listen. Listen to what you have planned,what you’ve always wanted to happen, what your vision is. Then we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. We’ll talk about timings, we’ll talk about locations, venues, what we’ve seen work before, what hasn’t worked so well. Why wouldn’t we share our 17 years of experience of living and breathing everything Turks and Caicos?

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Once you get down to the island everything is planned, we’ll meet at your resort or villa for a final check to confirm names, see who is coming down and get those last details sorted out. On the day it will fly by, faster than you can imagine. Our role is photographer, movie maker and also part coordinator, part helper, part guide, part anything that we can do to help. We don’t dress in black and don’t walk around with two cameras hanging off our necks acting all important. We are there for you and our guests – remember the answer is nearly always “YES”.

the question is ??? for us the answer is nearly always – yes!



Just because we’ve “finished” the Caribbean wedding photography doesn’t mean the love stops. We edit fast, we work hard, we get pictures online quickly so you can share them on the blog (you’ve checked that out already right?), we Facebook, we tweet, we help you share. With a dedicated staff (Tanya and Lia) and of course your photographer as well on hand its “all hands on deck” to help you get creative and show off your wedding day.

Your wedding day is such a special moment we want it to be perfect. It’s how we do things, It’s our friendly island approach.

“like the island  elegant, beautiful, simple. easy. fun”

From Our Wedding Blog

Wedding Albums

Wouldn’t it be great to find a device that is always “on”, never runs out of battery life, is designed to be shared, will not become obsolete, is 100% safe from computer viruses and finally will look as good in twenty years time as it does today?

it’s called a book!

We’ve scoured the range of both USA based and international suppliers to find the best quality books we can find. We’ve been up and down the booths at all the major photography trade shows, year after year making sure that we give you the best. We’ve done the work for you so you don’t have to try and navigate the maze of suppliers and vendors.

Our wedding album of choice is our signature coffee table book from West Coast Albums in California. They are exclusive to Brilliant in Turks and Caicos and we have worked closely with them to offer you some really unique books.

Metal covers, name plates, engraving, boxes, parents copies,8×8 to 14×11 and up to 80 pages.

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caribbean weddings
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We’d love to hear from you.


Wedding Services

A day you will remember for the rest of your life.

With more experience of working and living in the Turks and Caicos than any other photography company we’ve a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to draw upon. But then we’ve never met you before, so its also brand new, new styles, new ideas, your ideas…. We LOVE to meet brides with fresh, fun ideas that we can wrap our creative minds around.

So yes we do have defined “packages” and services, BUT you will find that for every bride we customize things to make it a perfect fit with your wedding day.

We’ve developed new packages and options for 2014 that we are quite excited about – more than we can simply put on one web page – so get in touch so we can share them with you.

Caribbean weddings

Photography only starts from $1900

Photography and videography combined by our dedicated team starts from $5250

Let’s talk, we’d love to hear about your plans.

Wedding Movies

The most vivid and powerful way to tell a compelling story is through the narrative of the moving image.

The power of the still image, the “decisive moment” is not in question. Of course you want to have pictures for many years to come, to share, to treasure. However with the impact of technology, the web, the ability to share moving images on iphones, on ipads and laptops, the rise of “video” is only growing stronger…..

but it’s hard to do well.

It takes a team, it’s audio, it’s moving, it’s alive, it needs sequences of shots to tell a story rather than a single moment. You need four shots from two angles to cover the bride as she walks down the aisle, photography can do it in one!

Our movie services are based on a short highlight piece of 6-9 minutes not a 45 minute epic that you will never watch more than once or twice.

We take the best moments from throughout our time together, capturing the critical moments as a photographer would do, and then bringing those individual moments back together again to tell a story of the wedding. On average 6-9 minutes, we choose the music as the audio is “75%” of the story and the heartbeat of any production.


Movies plus pictures is the future.
A fusion of the two where two plus two makes five!


Here is a short list of what we can do:

  • 2-3 cameras in HD for the number of hours you choose
  • Brilliant’s natural, low key and unobtrusive yet super fun shooting style
  • Full coverage (with basic edits) of the Ceremony & Speeches
  • Delivery online in HD and on disk HD
  • Blogged highlights to share with friends & family
  • Next Day Edits and surprise showings at the reception for island escape music videos.


A few examples of the “short piece” or highlight reel
that we produce for every wedding.

(It’s designed to be a perfect recap of your wedding day. watchable and easy to share online or on dvd.)

Mimi and Robert

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 6.24.26 PM

Mimi and Robert’s wedding was at the Seven Stars. There longer movie reflects the two cameraman coverage from the Perfect Fit

View their video

Bibi and Michael

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 6.23.37 PM

Bibi and Michael’s wedding was at the Veranda. they also had the Sweet and Simple package.

View their video