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A Caribbean Wedding to remember!

Caribbeanwedding 00411

We’ve known Mark and Anna for years and it was wonderful when they asked us to help with their wedding. We knew it was going to reflect there “island roots” and lifestyle,  and be low key,  charming and fun.  It was a true Caribbean wedding with visitors and family flying in from Jamaica and beyond plus a whole host of close personal friends from right here in Turks and Caicos. When you’ve known the bride and groom for year’s its always that much more intimate, more personal, more relaxed and fun.  We could mention that the power to the wedding and reception villa cut out as Anna walked down the aisle!!!!!!!! –  but thanks to the team at the villa AND the guests present, that wasn’t the main story of this wedding day.

Both Anita and myself covered the wedding – so whilst Anita was with Mark up at the Villa Bajacu – I was with Anna and the girls at Grace Bay Club. Love seeing both sides to the story at the same time.Caribbeanwedding__0001 Caribbeanwedding__0002 Caribbeanwedding__0003 Caribbeanwedding__0004 Caribbeanwedding__0005 Caribbeanwedding__0006 Caribbeanwedding__0007 Caribbeanwedding__0008 Caribbeanwedding__0009 Caribbeanwedding__0010 Caribbeanwedding__0011 Caribbeanwedding__0012

Growing up soooo fast ! I’ve said it before  -weddings are about family.


Whilst Anna’s Dad sees her for the first time in “the dress”, Mark is with the boys – exactly at the same time!Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0015 Caribbeanwedding__0016 Caribbeanwedding__0017 Caribbeanwedding__0018 Caribbeanwedding__0019 Caribbeanwedding__0020 Caribbeanwedding__0021 Caribbeanwedding__0022 Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0024 Caribbeanwedding__0025 Caribbeanwedding__0026 Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0028 Caribbeanwedding__0029 Caribbean wedding Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0032 Caribbeanwedding__0033 Caribbeanwedding__0034 Caribbeanwedding__0035 Caribbean wedding Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0038 Caribbeanwedding__0039 Caribbeanwedding__0040 Caribbeanwedding__0041 Caribbean wedding Caribbeanwedding__0043 Caribbeanwedding__0044 Caribbeanwedding__0045 Caribbeanwedding__0046 Caribbeanwedding__0047

So even with no power Clive and his tam from Kissing Fish were still getting the food out!


Small, portable, generators were found from people’s homes, grills picked up by truck and dropped off at the villa and even Dr Slattery stepped in to help cook on the grills out back. Meanwhile a new transformer for the power was being sourced and transported so the power company crew could instal and save the day. With tropical breezes and such a great bunch of people, everyone kicked back and “kept calm and carried on” !!!!  😉

Caribbeanwedding__0049 Thanks to all the huge efforts, by 9pm power and lights were back on and speeches and dancing could start !

Caribbeanwedding__0052 Caribbeanwedding__0053