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A perfect Caribbean wedding at Grace Bay Club.

Party, party, Party! People from Alabama now how to party like the best of them! Kara & Allen had a Junkanoo band come on towards the end of their wedding reception and the guests went wild. Junkanoo are a traditional Turks & Cacios carnival style band who really bring a festive vibe to the celebrations. This was a wedding all about having fun with friend’s and family who had all traveled over together from the States to enjoy a good time and watch two of their best friends get married on Provo.

In the morning I went with the bride and her girls while Craig headed off the cover the groom’s preparations. Kellie covered the guests arriving and the ceremony details and we all took turns to be all places at all times. With over a hundred guests this was on the larger side for a destination wedding in Turks & Cacios.

Wedding planning and styling by NILA DESTINATIONS

While Craig and Kellie covered the couple portraits and family groups, I went and photographed the details and guests enjoying cocktail hour…