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A Seven Stars Wedding in Turks and Caicos

Weddings in Turks and Caicos are always fun. Even when the heavens open up as vows are exchanged and the couple squeezes together under a large blue umbrella, the wedding still turns out to be a beautiful affair, with laughter  with love, with great times. Whitney and Daniel’s wedding combined two resorts (Regent Grand and Seven Stars), loads of close family and friends (Daniel has 7 brothers and sisters). The weather was not the highlight of their day. The awesome Laura and even the General Manager of the resort (Ken) made sure of that (what service!). Exchanging vows and celebrating with those that matter was. Another great wedding in Turks and Caicos.

Anne from Beauty and the beach.

One of my favourite pictures of a groom for a while  as Daniel waits for the “first look”.

It’s hard to beat a Penthouse view and the cloudy day made for gorgeous , soft light..

The emotion of the rain falling, the umbrellas going up , down and then up again, should we continue? They do !

Sealed with a kiss as the rain cascades off the slide of the umbrella..

Seven Stars has a new deck and tents just for this possibility. Everything was still perfect. GM Ken handing out dry towels!

I then persuaded Whiney and Daniel to pop down to the beach for 5-6 minutes as the last daylight faded away.