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An intimate wedding at Grace Bay Club Estates.

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This was a really fun wedding. Jill and Jared wanted an intimate wedding at Grace Bay Club Estates and they could have gone the route of a quick  hour of pictures on the beach and done. But from the moment we entered the suite at the Grace Bay Club Estates it was clear that this was different. We often get asked by couples if they should do a “first look”. If they should see each other before the wedding so they can then have more time for cocktails or more variety of pictures after the ceremony. Really it’s a personal choice and how you “fit together” as couple. Some brides want  a heap of  bridesmaids, matching robes, almost a sleepover atmosphere whilst some guys want to hang, have a beer and watch football.  Nothing wrong with that. What was fabulous for this wedding was hanging out with Jill and Jared as they got ready together – just the two of them really. They had fun t-shirts, cuff links and shared notes they had written to each other. It was just fabulous to see them helping each other prepare for their upcoming wedding. Great couple. We also then took the two of them around the island as part of our Island Escape Wedding option. We found some great spots and soon had them back in time for Shameka to make sure everything flowed at Grace Bay Club. A few more pictures on the beach and then we left them to enjoy a very relaxing dinner with Jared’s sister and brother-in-law on the beach. Very cool. Makeup by Shenique, Dress by BHLDN. Flowers by Environmental Arts.Turks and caicos__3297 Turks and caicos__3298 Turks and caicos__3299 Turks and caicos__3300 Turks and caicos__3301 Turks and caicos__3302 Turks and caicos__3303 Turks and caicos__3304 Turks and caicos__3305 Turks and caicos__3306 Turks and caicos__3307 Turks and caicos__3308 Turks and caicos__3309 Turks and caicos__3310 Turks and caicos__3311 Turks and caicos__3312 Turks and caicos__3313 Turks and caicos__3314 Turks and caicos__3315 Turks and caicos__3316 Turks and caicos__3317 Turks and caicos__3318 Turks and caicos__3319 Turks and caicos__3320 Turks and caicos__3321 Turks and caicos__3322 Turks and caicos__3323 Turks and caicos__3324 Turks and caicos__3325 Turks and caicos__3326 Turks and caicos__3327 Turks and caicos__3328 Turks and caicos__3329 Turks and caicos__3330 Turks and caicos__3331 Turks and caicos__3332 Turks and caicos__3333 Turks and caicos__3334 Turks and caicos__3335 Turks and caicos__3336 Turks and caicos__3337 Turks and caicos__3338 Turks and caicos__3339 Turks and caicos__3340 Turks and caicos__3341 Turks and caicos__3342 Turks and caicos__3343