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Ashley and Terry’s Grace Bay Club Wedding

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It’s really easy to forget what an amazing place we live in. Ashley and Terry’s Grace Bay Club Wedding was a relaxed, elegant wedding right on the beach in front of the Grace Bay Club.  But that spot is probably one of the best spots on the whole stretch of beach. The same beach that has consistently be named in the top five best beaches in the world AND now the whole island was just awarded “the best island in the world” by Tripadvisor. So it would be easy to get carried away with such an amazing location and make the wedding an “event” rather than the celebration and family time that it is. This wedding was simple, easy, fun to do and everyone was glad to be there to help with lovely couple with this special day. Shameka and her team were as flawless as always and had everything running on time and in place. There were a few beers before the ceremony, “selfies”, plenty of smiles, a rainbow, cocktails at the lounge and a few moments together on that amazing beach before heading off to the reception. Lovely.

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