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How to make your Caribbean elopement fabulous.

Turks and caicos 1071

There are many destinations in the Caribbean that will offer a simple, two person elopement package. Almost every resort in the Caribbean offers their version of a “Caribbean elopement”, but how to make it unique, different, your own? With Michelle and Donovan last week we helped them create a fabulous elopement by planning a great afternoon of fun locations, a first look at their Gansevoort resort and by creating pictures that have a little “extra” glamour and island vibe but still holding true to their own style and personalities.  Fantastically Michelle and Donovan were  keen to toss out the “30 min shoot on the beach and chocolates on your pillow” and  come play with us in Turks and Caicos as we travelled around the island. It was great fun. We helped with shoes, dresses, timings and had them back to the resort with 5 minutes to spare before the ceremony started. This was a really fabulous wedding – natural, flowing, elegant but with a real tropical twist. I even got to be in one of the pictures !

Turks and caicos__1021 Turks and caicos__1022 Turks and caicos__1023 Caribbean elopement Turks and caicos__1025 Turks and caicos__1026 Turks and caicos__1027 Turks and caicos__1028 Caribbean elopement Turks and caicos__1030 Turks and caicos__1031 Caribbean elopement Turks and caicos__1033 Turks and caicos__1034 Turks and caicos__1035 Caribbean elopement


The gansevoort Resort is such a beautiful resort and Michelle looks stunning in her wedding dress against the billowing white curtains.Turks and caicos__1037 Turks and caicos__1038 Turks and caicos__1039 Turks and caicos__1040 Turks and caicos__1041 Turks and caicos__1042 Turks and caicos__1043

Even when walking from one spot to another there were awesome moments of light, sunshine, connections.

Turks and caicos__1044 Turks and caicos__1045 Turks and caicos__1046 Turks and caicos__1047 Turks and caicos__1048 Turks and caicos__1049

Love this location and lighting and the soft backdrop….#turksandcaicosrocks

Turks and caicos__1050 Turks and caicos__1051 Turks and caicos__1052

Palm tress, sunshine, shadows….Turks and caicos__1053 Turks and caicos__1054 Turks and caicos__1055 Turks and caicos__1056 Turks and caicos__1057 Turks and caicos__1058 Turks and caicos__1059 Turks and caicos__1060 Turks and caicos__1061 Turks and caicos__1062 Turks and caicos__1063 Turks and caicos__1064 Turks and caicos__1065 Turks and caicos__1066 Turks and caicos__1067 Turks and caicos__1068 Turks and caicos__1069 Turks and caicos__1070

The beach at the Gansevoort is amazing…

Turks and caicos__1071 Turks and caicos__1072

So this is a few minutes before sunset and still the blue of the ocean is popping through. Genuine colors. No extra blue added by me..Turks and caicos__1073 Turks and caicos__1074 Turks and caicos__1075

Sunset rocks.

Turks and caicos__1076 Turks and caicos__1077