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Cheryl and Christopher’s Seven Stars Wedding

Caribbeanwedding 0033

The combination of a villa and a wedding on the beach at the Seven Stars Resort was a perfect backdrop for Cheryl and Chris’ intimate family wedding. With the goal of keeping things easy, low stress and relaxed this was a perfect wedding for Turks and Caicos.  With Lynne from Nila coordinating and Laura from the resort as well, Cheryl and Christopher and their guests were very well looked after. We started off at Turtle Beach villa with its gorgeous view where both the bride and groom got ready, but with enough space not to see each other before the ceremony. A short ten minute drive brought everyone to the Seven stars resort for the beach ceremony and reception under the stars on the fabulous west deck. Perfection!

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The seven stars deck was a stunning location – love the sky.Caribbeanwedding__0041 Caribbeanwedding__0042 Caribbeanwedding__0043