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A colorful intimate Indian wedding at Parrot Cay

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A colorful intimate Indian wedding at Parrot Cay was the opposite of the wedding Kailash and Lakshmi already had back home in Miami. On their wedding day they had over 400 guests and that leaves little time to focus on each other. They decided to come to the Turks and Caicos Islands for another wedding ceremony at Parrot Cay, but this time with just the two of them. Lakshmi was an absolute gorgeous bride and loved her colorful wedding dress with all the vibrant colors, not to mention the amazing jewelry she was wearing. Kailash made me feel very proud, being Dutch myself, he selected orange for his outfit and even the color of the sand for the sand ceremony was orange, all because he is such a big Dutch soccer fan. The two of them read beautiful and loving vows to one another at the end of the ceremony officiated by Dee Connolly.  The remaining part of their wedding day at Parrot Cay we just played on the beach. I think Lakshmi’s wish for a Bollywood wedding has come true, thanks to her husband Kailash. Many thanks to Reka at Parrot Cay for organizing the wedding day and Shenique for hair and make-upParrotcayweddings_0001 Parrotcayweddings_0002 Parrotcayweddings_0003

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