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Turks and Caicos destination wedding.

A "day after" shoot for your turks and caicos destination wedding.

A Turks and Caicos Destination Wedding.  Corey and Glen had their Turks and Caicos destination wedding this past week at the Gansevoort Resort and Corey wanted to have a photo shoot where she could go wild wearing the dress, but still be able to wear it the night of the wedding.

So having had a perfect sunset evening the night before we planned a midday/lunchtime shoot in the awesome bright Caribbean sunshine.

We grabbed some beer in a cooler, bought some cracked conch from a local restaurant along the way and over the next couple of hours made our way around the island.

Originally Corey and Glen were looking at doing a shoot at the resort on the beach at sunset. But we chatted via email before the wedding and soon decided that the Island Escape was the real option that they wanted. For most couples we find that the barrier to this kind of shoot is that they think it’s going to take a long time, will be really posed and boring and not much fun and after all they just spent a whole bunch of money on the wedding photos anyway. So we do the opposite. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun and great value for money.You get to drink beer while you do it and with our local knowledge it’s a blast…

Turksandcaicoswedding Turksandcaicoswedding_0023 Turksandcaicoswedding_0024 Turksandcaicoswedding_0025 Caribbean wedding Turksandcaicoswedding_0027 Caribbean wedding

The Conch Shack was actually shut as its “low season” right now – but that didn’t matter – we were still able to shoot some images around the restaurant area – love this place.


Turksandcaicoswedding_0029 Turksandcaicoswedding_0030 Turksandcaicoswedding_0031 Turksandcaicoswedding_0032 Turksandcaicoswedding_0033 Turksandcaicoswedding_0034 Turksandcaicoswedding_0035 Turksandcaicoswedding_0036 Turksandcaicoswedding_0037 Turksandcaicoswedding_0038 Turksandcaicoswedding_0039 Turksandcaicoswedding_0040 Turksandcaicoswedding_0041 Turksandcaicoswedding_0042 Turksandcaicoswedding_0043 Caribbean wedding Turksandcaicoswedding Caribbean wedding

Again keeping things moving along. We have only been shooting and eating and drinking and traveling for about an hour at the most and are on to our third location. No time to get bored, but not too busy to feel rushed. A quiet beach on the very south side of the island – almost totally deserted – just us and one other couple way down the beach – awesome!

Turksandcaicoswedding_0047 Turksandcaicoswedding_0048 Turksandcaicoswedding_0049 Turksandcaicoswedding_0050 Turksandcaicoswedding_0051 Turksandcaicoswedding_0052 Turksandcaicoswedding_0053 Turksandcaicoswedding_0054 Turksandcaicoswedding_0055 Turksandcaicoswedding_0056 Turksandcaicoswedding_0058 Turksandcaicoswedding_0059 Turksandcaicoswedding_0060 Turksandcaicoswedding_0061

Corey and Glen – THANK YOU for being so cool and so into this whole thing. It really was so much fun helping you with this and being able to show you some of the Turks and Caicos that we know and love so much.