Destination Wedding in St Lucia – part two!

Day Two ! Wedding Day… but first there was a day of relaxation and kicking back before the preparations and the ceremony at 4pm. Jamie is an accomplished sailor and has visited St Lucia and the surrounding islands many times – by boat. So the day of his wedding – it was not that much of a surprise to find him sailing off the coast of St Lucia – wow!!

With the sail trip planned for 10.30am I took the opportunity to walk around the Anse Chastanet resort and capture some “scene setting” images. These are always great for the wedding album.

The resort has quite an art collection and had some great carvings on the walls.

Literally it looks, feels and is a tree house!! We are a good 100 ft above the beach here.

Huge, wonderfully carved mirror.

Some great plant holders that dot the winding path down to the beach.

A local lady was selling some hand made, cloth Christmas ornaments on the beach.

OK enough of the “Travel Channel” – everyone had now arrived and it was time for the sail trip. Jamie and his father-in-law making their way out to the boat.

Within minutes Jamie had everything sorted out and off we went.

Everyone was “press ganged” into helping pull up sails etc etc

Jamie in his element! How many other grooms get to be this relaxed hours before the wedding! Nothing like going sailing literally a couple of hours before the wedding!

The famous Pitons!

Another sort of Piton came out too !

Here you can see the Anse Chastanet resort with its green buildings. The beach restaurant at the base ( does a great curry in the evening), reception off to the left and the rooms with views of the Pitons.

The new looking addition – in concrete above is Jade Mountain which is a separate resort (same owners).

Mum and Dad!

Jamie led the way!

Stephany came by as we pulled up to the mooring with a couple of friends to collect some snorkel gear!. Again what a chilled out bride-to-be – nothing like a quick snorkel before going to the spa!

Finally it was time to head back, grab some lunch and start to get ready – there was a wedding after all !!